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Know before you go
WeKnow is a managed marketplace for tailor-made market research, powered by a network of expert analysts. We empower every business with the ability to obtain professional market reports that will maximize its business decision outcome, by creating a competitive delivery model, tailored with a streamlined and automated brief creation process.
Get eye-opening research for virtually any industry
Is there a perfect analyst for your research?
WeKnow there is!
Our ever-expanding network of analysts consists of industry professionals with a diverse range of domain expertise, individually verified by our team. Our matching algorithm combines their profile information with ongoing client reviews ensuring you are assigned with the most suitable analyst for your specific research. Two, actually.
WeKnow's Competitive Delivery Model
Our unique delivery model is the most important factor in assuring you receive the most valuable research allowing you to progress with confidence. The two most suitable analysts selected to deliver your report will compete to receive a bigger share of your project budget, based on your satisfaction level.
We’re here to help the world make better decisions
Every great business decision starts with professional market research, yet the current process makes it difficult to obtain: The never-ending search for analysts, interviews, assessments, negotiations, briefing sessions and ongoing bureaucracy causes frustration and leads many to forego market research altogether.
We believe that great market research should be accessible to everyone, so we’re making it a no-brainer for the whole industry:


Entrepreneurs can get a better understanding of their audience, competition and market potential quickly and cost-effectively

Companies and startups

Companies & startups can assess the potential of new products or explore business growth opportunities without wasting resources


Enterprises can efficiently and responsibly conduct multiple research programs to get a business edge in every vertical

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